Blue Inlet

Blue Inlet is a small and prestigious area of Boca Raton. The homes that sit in this small area are populated by some of Boca Ratons wealthiest residents. Homes can easily breach 7 figures due to the value of the location and the immense stature of the neighborhood. Blue Inlet homes sit on the canals and waterways that line the ocean of Boca Raton. Residents and homeowners have access to the long waterways of the city that can extend for miles in either direction. Pleasure cruising and jet skiing are among some of the favorite activities of those who live here. With easy access to the water, it makes up a large part of the appeal of Blue Inlet. Explore the inlets and waterways as far north as Palm Beach and as far south as Hollywood without ever needing to get into the open waters of the ocean. For those looking for a bit more adventure, ocean activities such as deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and sailing will appeal to the Blue Inlet homeowners. The inlet has easy access to the N. Federal Highway, a thoroughfare which connects much of Boca Raton to the amenities available. There are many multicultural restaurants that sit on this highway. There are French bakeries, Japanese sushi restaurants and Spanish and Mexican cuisines that make this area famous. Shopping is a big part of the area as well. Some shops are available for local needs, but its easy to travel down to Fort Lauderdale or Miami to find internationally renowned retail shops.

Blue Inlet Homes for Sale